ThruText Onboarding

Your account is set up, and we wanted to send you a proper welcome. We’re thrilled to be working with you, and we want to help you get the most out of ThruText, starting with this email.

The next step for you is to join a ThruText training with our Client Success Team where they will cover key knowledge and best practices to make sure you have the best start possible. 

Moving forward, if you have any technical support needs or questions, send us a note at support@getthru.ioHappy texting!


Log In to the ThruText Admin Console

  • We recommend bookmarking this link to log into your ThruText account:

  • You should have an invitation in your inbox to be an owner on your account. If this is the first time you're using ThruText, you'll need to fill out a short form to create a user profile.

  • Trouble logging in? See if any of these tips do the trick. If not, send a note to

Complete your 10DLC Brand & Use Case Registration

  • Once you've logged in, select Brand & Use Case Registration from the left side menu under Account Tools. Please be sure to have the necessary information available, including your organization’s LEGAL NAME, Employer Identification Number (EIN), and other identifying information. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

  • NOTE: If any of the information submitted doesn’t match your organization’s filings, the registration will be rejected, and the appeal process will significantly delay your messaging. Please verify all the information is accurate before submitting and note all fields are required.

  • With your Brand Registration submitted, you'll then need to choose from the available use cases. You should choose any that may apply to your future messaging needs. More detailed use case descriptions and instructions are available here

  • If you are a political campaign, party, or PAC you will be required to complete the Campaign Verify registration process in order to acquire a Campaign Verify Token. Detailed instructions are available here.

  • Carriers are now requiring organizations to provide verifiable website information. For more information and guidance, review our 10DLC Website Requirements article.

  • Fill out your brand and use case registration ASAP. Contact if your submissions aren't accepted the same day.

  • Your account will not be able to send text messages until your use case has completed manual vetting. Once it is ready, you'll see the yellow status change to a green "Approved" on the 10DLC page, as noted in this guide: Use Case Status.

  • After five business days, if you are still not approved, please reach out to, and we will review your status.

Load Your Groups and Build Your Campaigns

Invite Your Team and Start Texting

Get Help Along the Way

  • We’ve developed a comprehensive set of support documents and materials for senders and texters, which you can find in the support section on our website.

  • Still need an assist? There are two ways to submit support requests:

    • By email:

    • From the website: Click Support in the top right corner of any GetThru page, and you will see an option to submit a ticket.
    • From chat: To access chat on, click on the button in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Chat is available on weekends and weekdays from 11 am - 7 pm ET.

A note on support requests: Please initiate support requests using those tools, as it helps us help you as quickly as possible! Our support hours are 9 am to 10 pm ET on weekdays, and 11 am-7 pm ET on weekends. During that window, we respond within 2 hours, but generally much faster than that. 

Want to talk strategy? We're also available to provide strategic support for your texting efforts. This could be anything from big picture strategy consultation, advice on volunteer management, or review of specific scripts. If you are interested, register here or email to set up a time to talk.