Has my use case been manually vetted?

Manual vetting has added an additional state to use cases as they work through the approval process. A use case is ready to be used once it has a green "Approved" flag.

Use cases have five status types: Pre-Submission, Pending, Failed, Registered, and Approved.  Once you have submitted your Use Case, your status will be pending until they are moved through The Campaign Registry (TCR). After TCR reviews your submission, they will either reject or register it and send it for manual vetting. During manual vetting, the use case will remain "Registered" until "Approved."


Before a use case is submitted, the Use Case registration shows no radio buttons have been selected for any use case types. Also, there are no color-coded bubbles.


After filling out the Use Case Registration form, a yellow "Pending" bubble will appear next to the use case. GetThru Staff checks your application quickly and will send an email if there are concerns. The "Pending" status means that your use case has not moved onto manual vetting.

NOTE - If your Use Case was submitted before 10 pm ET, please expect a follow-up email the same day. If your Use Case was sent after 10 pm ET, please expect an email the following day.


A "Failed" red bubble will appear next to the use case if TCR has rejected it. The use case was not sent to manual vetting. Often this occurs when an organization registers for a use case that does not match its organization type. Please write to support@getthru.io for more information.


A yellow "Registered" bubble will be shown when a use case waits for carriers' manual vetting. You will receive a notification once your Use Case has reached "Registered" status. If your Use Case is rejected, you will receive an automated email prompting you to contact support@getthru.io. Review 10DLC Website Requirements for guidance on what is necessary for approval. 

NOTE - Use Cases in the "Registered" status, are not usable yet.


A green "Approved" bubble will be shown when a use case has completed manual vetting and is ready to Text. You will also receive an automated email when your Use Case is "Approved."