What is Campaign Verify?

As part of 10DLC, and in addition to registering Brand and Use Case Registration Information, political texters will need to register with Campaign Verify. Campaign Verify is a non-partisan organization that verifies the identities of US political campaigns, parties, and PACs for texting. If you are one of these three, you are required to register. Registering will give you a token that you will put in your ThruText account that will help protect your organization from spoofing, which is when someone outside of your organization sends messages in your name, regardless of malicious intent.

Which organizations need to register with Campaign Verify?

Campaign Verify registration is available and required for all U.S. political entities who file as 527 organizations. Here's some additional guidance around specific organizations types:

  • 501c4 organizations do not need to register with Campaign Verify.
  • Ballot initiatives that are organized as 527 organizations should register with Campaign Verify.
  • Ballot initiatives that are organized as 501c4 organizations do NOT need to register with Campaign Verify.  

How do I register with Campaign Verify?

  • To register, please visit Campaign Verify's website and fill out the "Sign Up" form to get started and create a log-in. 
  • After creating your login, please follow these step-by-step videos to submit your new Verification Request. You will need an FEC ID or a URL of your filing at the state or local level. Be sure to pick the video that represents your organization:
  • Once your form has been submitted, Campaign Verify will review the information, and you will be issued a six-digit PIN code. Log in to Campaign Verify and enter this PIN code to generate & receive your token. This token is to help protect your organization from spoofing and will allow us to complete your 10DLC registration.
    Note: there is a fee for registration, payable to Campaign Verify. You can read more about fees on their FAQ page.

  • After receiving your token, you will need to enter it into ThruText on the Brand & Use Case Registration page. Learn more about that page Here.

  • Use Case Registration can't be submitted until the Brand Registration has been submitted and approved. Because the CV token is part of the Brand Registration, use case registration can't be submitted until after the CV token has been submitted. If you attempted to register use cases before submitting the CV token, you will have to resubmit your use case registration.

  • This CV token should be unique to ThruText and not used in other programs.
The six-digit PIN code is NOT the same as your CV token. The PIN code is used to generate your token. A valid CV token should contain 97 alphanumeric characters.

Campaign Verify Token input panel in ThruText