Chat with GetThru Support

GetThru Support is happy to offer our beloved chat services for all our products! Chat is available on weekends and weekdays from 11 am - 7 pm ET.

You can now have your 10DLC issue, user login issue, or apportionment issue assessed quickly! During a chat, we will collect all the necessary info and create a ticket with the entirety of the details. Depending on the underlying issue, we may be able to assist you on the spot!

To access chat on, click on the button in the bottom-right corner of your screen. 

You'll be asked crucial questions like your name, email, and the account you're working on. Then, you'll choose what product you're seeking help with.

We will collect additional information, like the aspect of the tool you're having difficulty with, the link to the campaign that's giving you trouble, or the name of the external contact list that's causing you agita. Then, we will connect you to our best-in-class Support team through a ticket or a livechat. Please reach out if you need us!

NOTE - Our chatbot asks questions relevant to your issue. For expedited resolution, please provide our friendly bot with the information!