Campaigns are how you send text messages to the groups you have uploaded into ThruText, and they're the central component of the ThruText Admin workflow. When creating campaigns, you'll establish time parameters, add senders, craft an initial message, set recommended replies, and add survey questions. Most campaigns are focused and short lived. However, there is no technical limitation on a campaign's length, and some users may want to experiment with longer campaigns that facilitate ongoing communication. If you want input on your approach to campaigns, email to set up a time to talk! In the meantime, here's some guidance on how to use campaigns in ThruText:  

First Step of Campaign Creation -
Step 1 - Campaign Details

Jump ahead -
Step 2 - Senders
Step 3 - Initial Messages

Step 4 - Recommended Replies

Step 5 - Survey Questions 
Step 6 - Review

Campaign targeting

Campaign management 

Pre-loading campaigns