Hello There! My name is Craig with ThruText and this is our Exporting Your Data Video. In this video, I’m going to show you How to Export Your Data using ThruText for your organisations. There are three ways you can export data in ThruText. One, you can export data one campaign at a time. Two, you can export data from your campaigns across your account. Three, you can export individual groups.


Let’s start with with the campaign exports. To do that, we will need to start on our Campaigns page in the ThruText Admin Panel, and select a campaign that we want to export data from. Let’s select our Bartlett 2020 Interest Rally September campaign.


ThruTip One: While we are selecting an Active campaign in this example, you can also do exports for both Paused and Archived Campaigns as well. That means you don’t have to keep your campaign active to get your data. Once your campaign is done, you can go ahead and archive it, and retrieve your data at any time.


If you scroll down, you will see the Export button. Let’s go ahead and click that. In the drop down for Select Export Type you will see that you have 3 types of exports you can run: Surveys, Messages, and Conversations


The Surveys export will create a CSV of the survey questions on your campaign and  responses that were collected by your texters on their assigned contacts.


The Messages export will create a CSV of every outgoing and incoming message sent. It will also include the user who sent the message and the timestamp.


 The Conversations export will create a CSV of every conversation in the campaign with outgoing and incoming message details as well as the assignee for each conversation.


ThruTip Two: Did you know that you can include up to 3 custom fields in your campaign or account-wide exports? To have a custom field included, you just have edit the custom field, and check the Include in Exports checkbox. Once the CSV is generated on the exports page, you will see the progress go from Processing to showing a download link. Let’s go ahead and do a Messages and Surveys export, and we can then take a look at our messages.


In our messages CSV a large amount of data including when the message was sent, whether it was incoming or outgoing, what the message said, the sender’s first and last name, the phone number that was used to text the contact, and any custom fields, which for our campaign was VAN ID


ThruTip Three: All TimeStamps in the message exports are in UTC time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time, and not your local time zones. Make sure you adjust the time accordingly when analyzing your data.


In our Surveys CSV we can see our export separated by the contact we are texting with their answers on each survey response, when the survey was marked.


Now let’s move on to our account-wide exports. Click on Account in the top right hand corner, and select Exports. In Account Exports we have the same options that are in Campaign Exports, Messages and Surveys but they are for the entire accounts instead of a specific campaign but will include the campaign name and id. We also have Campaigns, Opt Outs, and Users.


The Campaigns export will create a CSV with an overview of every campaign across your account. Campaigns included in an export are based on if the campaign's start date falls within the date range selected. Admins can pull one week of campaigns at a time.


The Opt Out export will create a CSV of every opt out across your organisation. It includes  Conversation ID for trace-ability to your message and survey exports, opt out notes, and contact names and phone numbers. Custom fields are included.


The Users export will create a CSV of every user across your organization. The resulting file will include all users added to your account with their first name, last name, email, phone number, role in the account, when they were added to the account, and when their role was last changed


ThruTip Four: ThruText does offer the ability to setup a nightly account export of your organisations messages, surveys, and opt outs. These exports require having an Amazon S3 bucket for the exports to be sent to. Contact our support team at for more information.


When running the Messages, Survey, and Campaigns export, your start and end date will have a limit of up to a week at a time. Opt Outs and Users do not have to have a specific start or end date, but they can be set if need be.


Now let’s take a look at our third type of export: Group Exports. Let’s go into our Groups page, and the group I want to export is Reassign Group. Once I click export, it will start downloading a CSV of my group.


In the CSV file, you can see that we have our three required fields, First Name, Last Name, and Phone number, that are based on the columns you mapped them to on upload. You can also see whether the phone number is a valid or invalid number for texting, as well as an explanation why it isn’t valid. Lastly, you can see your mapped custom fields are included in the export.


That is how you Export Data in ThruText. If you have any questions, please check out Help Center at as well as ask us at Happy Texting!