Campaign exports are how you pull data about your campaign out of ThruText. Exports come as CSV files, and there are three types: surveys, messages, and conversations. Every campaign export is "snapshot" style and contains the campaign's full data at the time of the export creation.

  • Survey exports produce a CSV of every campaign target, all the fields associated with them, and the survey response data collected by texters.¬†
  • Message exports produce a CSV of every outgoing and incoming message sent in the campaign, along with who sent it and the timestamp.
  • Conversation¬†exports produce a CSV of every conversation in the campaign with outgoing/incoming message details as well as the assignee for each conversation.

* All campaign exports include the 1-3 identifying custom fields you may have selected for your account.

To get to campaign exports, press the export button on an individual campaign page:

To select which type of export you want on the export page, toggle the pulldown menu.

Once an export is finished, it will be available for download in your export list.

Note: The download links expire after a short period of time to ensure the security of your data. If your download link has expired, please refresh your page and try again. The error page will look like this: