Checking your reports for deliverability

Occasionally, something goes awry in sending a message. For example, you may have texted a contact from another country, and our partner refused to send the message, or a more significant issue might have occurred in the texting environment. GetThru displays errored messages in Message Exports in the "message_error" column. You are not charged for these messages. 

NOTE - Errored Messages are not counted on the Usage Analytics or the Network Account Usage pages. Errored messages count as 0 segments and are not included in total segment counts.

Error types

In a Message export, different errors are shown for various issues, and we've distilled each down to error types:

  • "provider server error" - These are messages you should try texting again later. For example, if our connection to our provider has timed out, your message will be marked with "provider server error."
  • "destination unapproved" - These are contacts that you should opt out. For example, if a message is sent to a malformed number, you will see "destination unapproved" in your export.
  • "unsupported country" - For these contacts, you will want to opt them out. Occasionally, a number was approved at group upload, but our provider rejected it when the message was attempted because it was outside our supported countries.

  • "contact opted out" - Opt these contacts out. One of our providers has a system to opt out contacts automatically when they send specific keywords. Attempting to reply to these conversations will display "contact opted out."

  • "exceeded 10DLC volumes" - Try these messages again later. 10DLC has added an extra layer of complexity through Use Case volume limits and throughput. If your message exceeds 10DLC limits, it will display this error.

  • "contact support" - This message needs to be checked by our Support team. For example, this error will be shown if there is an issue with the 10dlc registration on this use case or a service disruption in the texting environment.

  • "message refused by provider" - This is a technical error. Please try your message again. If errors persist across campaigns for this contact(s), please reach out to our Support team.

Errors in exports

In addition to account-level and campaign-level message exports that show each error individually (see above), you can also see error message totals in other exports.

  • Account-level Tag Reports - the count of every errored message on each campaign is listed in the "outgoing_sms_messages_failed" or "outgoing_mms_messages_failed columns, depending on the message type sent.
  • Account-level Campaigns export - the count of every errored initial message is shown in the "Initial_Failed" column.
  • Campaign-level Conversations export - the count of every failed message on each conversation is in the "outgoing_sms_messages_failed" or "outgoing_mms_messages_failed" column, depending on the message type sent.

NOTE - The download links expire after a short period of time to ensure the security of your data. Please review our Download Protection Error guide for more information.