The 10DLC system is a network of cell phone carriers and regulatory agencies that manage registration, verification, and tracking of organizations and their texts to ensure high quality messaging and reduce spam. You need to register below if you plan to send messages to USA cell phone numbers. Learn more about 10DLC and what you need to do on our support center.

Note: You need to complete Brand Registration before you can register Use Cases.

What are Brand Registration, Use Case Registration, and Campaign Verify Tokens?

  • Due to 10DLC regulations, Brand and Use Case registration are required forms for all ThruText clients. Carriers need to know information about your organization and the types of text messages you will send. Both forms are found on the same page in your ThruText account.
  • For Brand Registration, only Account Owners can view and input information into this form. This short form will provide TCR (The Campaign Registry) with basic information about your organization, like your organization's legal name, legal address, and  Employee Identification Number (EIN).
  • For Use Cases, both Admins and Account Owners can add use case registration information. Use Cases are the 10DLC term for general types of texting campaigns, like Fundraising, Higher Education, or Political.
  • If you represent a political organization registered with the FEC, state, or local election authorities, you must complete a Campaign Verify registration to obtain a Campaign Verify token. You can enter the token on the Brand & Use Case Registration page in ThruText in the bottom-right corner.

    For information about Campaign Verify and how to apply for a Campaign Verify Token CLICK HERE.

Adding Brand Registration Information (Account Owners Only)

  • To add 10DLC Brand Registration information, you will need to open the "Account Tools" on your Admin dash panel and locate and open "Brand & Use Case Registration."

  • The 10DLC Brand Registration information form is on the left side of the page. The fields include your organization's legal name, street address, the organization's phone number, their email address, and Employee Identification Number (EIN). Additionally, you will be asked to verify if your organization is a political entity or not.

    Guidance for Filling out Brand Registration Form

    In order for carriers to deliver your messages, you need to register your organization. Learn more about how to register your brand here. We’ll let you know if more action is needed on your part.

    • Organization’s Legal Name
      Use the name your organization would use for tax purposes.
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
      All GetThru clients need an EIN to register their organization.
    • Organization’s Phone Number
      Use the general contact number for your organization.
    • Organization’s Email
      Use the general contact email for your organization.
    • Address
      Use the address your Organization uses to file taxes.
    • Organization Type
      Choose the type that most closely matches how your Organization files taxes.
    • Industry
      Choose the industry that most closely matches the space in which your Organization does work.

Once you have submitted your Brand Registration information, we will pass the information to The Campaign Registry to begin the process. We will update your status there when your registration has been accepted.

Use Case Registration

You'll next need to select from a specific set of use cases available through TCR. You can find that list as well as a brief explanation of what each use case should be used for here. You should select all use cases which may apply to your current or future messaging.

Carriers need to know the types of text messages you are going to send. Choose one or more of the following use cases that best describes your organization's texting. Need guidance on which use cases to pick? Learn more here. We’ll let you know once your use cases are registered.

Pro-Tip: If you do not see "Brand & Use Case Registration in your Account Tools, make sure you are an Account Owner or Admin on your ThruText account. If you are not able to enter Brand Registration data, make sure you are an Account Owner. Only Account Owners will be permitted to input Brand Registration information.

Campaign Verify Tokens - Political Organizations (Account Owners Only)

  • After registering on the Campaign Verify website, you will be given a Campaign Verify token. You will need to enter your token in the bottom-right corner of this page.

Submitting Your Registration (Account Owners and Admin)

Once you are finished submitting your organization's Brand & Use Case Registrations, you will see a pop-up letting you know that you have successfully registered. Once the registration approval process has been completed we will notify you once your organization's registration is complete! 

If you have any questions please email Support at