About the dashboard

The ThruText Admin Dashboard is a hub for your main GetThru actions (uploading groups and inviting users) and ThruText actions (viewing and creating campaigns). High-level ThruText account activity can be viewed as well.

ThruText Account Dashboard

To locate the name of the account you are working in, look in the top left corner of the admin dash. In the above image, the name of the account is "Support Training Demo Account."

Create & view campaigns

Easily create new ThruText campaigns or review active ThruText campaigns from the dashboard. You can do this by clicking "Create New Campaign" in the Campaigns box. For more on creating ThruText campaigns, follow the steps in this guide.  Click here for more information about the Active Campaign Overview page.
Campaigns Dashboard Button

Upload & view groups

Groups are shared between ThruText and ThruTalk. Upload new GetThru groups or view active ones from the Groups box or Groups sidebar navigation. For more information on groups, click here.

Groups Dashboard Button

Invite users

Users are also shared between ThruText and ThruTalk. Send invites to new users to your GetThru account, or manage existing users and invitations from within the Users box. Our guide on invitations is found here.

Users Dashboard Button

Usage stats

Get high-level insights on your ThruText account usage and review your account's texting activity from the dashboard. For in-depth ThruText and ThruTalk activity, view your Usage Analytics page (under the "Account Tools" drop-down.)

Usage dashboard statistics

Quick links

In the top right corner of your screen, you will find easy access to the following features:

Make calls

Navigate to calling if you are completing calls in ThruTalk.

Send messages

Navigate to the messenger if you are also texting in ThruText.

Find answers & get support

Access the knowledge base or submit a Support team ticket with any questions.

Profile & organizations

Manage your profile, switch between your Organizations, or logout of getthru.app.

Check for important messages from GetThru

GetThru will post product updates and messages from our Support team. To view current and former announcements, click on the bell.