How many texts are in a QuickSend assignment?

Clients always have questions about the ideal batch size for their texters, and that calculation changes with QuickSend. We know that QuickSend will lead to larger batches, but the question is, how large? We recommend keeping a maximum batch size of 12,000, and here's why:

  • QuickSend sends messages at 10 per second, depending on the sender's internet connection.
  • Response speed matters when you're starting conversations. You want to respond to people as soon as they write back. 
  • With QuickSend, replies cannot be handled until a message sender has sent all their initial messages. This means that if your sender has a large batch, incoming messages are going to pile up while the outgoing messages are sent. For example, if 50,000 messages are sent by one user using QuickSend, the messages would be sent in about 85 minutes. Only after sending the 50,000 messages could the texter work with their replies.
  • Average reply rates vary on the organization and the audience that is being texted, but 5-10% is a normal rate. For the following example, let's use 7%. If you give yourself a batch of 50,000, you are going to end up with 3,500 replies. That's a lot of replies to deal with, and the odds are that you may not get to all of them.

For this reason, we recommend keeping batch size below 12,000 messages, which QuickSend sends in about 20 minutes. Using the example 7% reply rate, a sender would then be able to handle their approximately 840 replies!

A single texter can manage batches easily if their admins are using Campaign Pre-Loading and Self Assignment!

Why did we build QuickSend this way?

GetThru believes in facilitating conversations. We have structured our software to encourage batches of messages that will be manageable for having real conversations with the recipients.