Checking for opt outs and survey questions answers

Sweeping your campaign helps to keep your inbox organized and provides an opportunity to quality control conversations for volunteer training purposes. During text banking sessions or after the campaign ends we recommend having 1-2 staff members assigned as sweeper(s). 

Campaign sweeping is a great use of Moderator permissions for trusted users ready for extra responsibility. 

Note: Only those with Account Owner, Admin, or Moderator level permissions can be campaign sweepers. Here's a guide with more information regarding permission levels.

Sweeper Responsibilities:

•    Replying to incomplete threads through the conversations view

•    Ensure all survey questions are completely and accurately filled out (including opt-outs

•    Archiving completed messages to clear inbox

•    Reassigning messages that are "not started" or "needs reply" to current volunteers on shift

Prefer a video? Check out our guide on How to View Conversations & Campaign Clean-Up and How To: Reassigning Conversations

If you have any questions, please check out as well as ask us at 

Happy texting!