What are permission levels? 

Within GetThru, there are statuses that can be assigned to a user that will dictate which functions they have access to while using the platform. This guide will explain all four of the following levels: user, moderator, administrator, and account owner and their functions within ThruText and ThruTalk. Click here for directions on how to modify a user's permission levels. 



This permission level is for the standard user account. These users can be added to campaigns for ThruTalk or ThruText.

Within the Messenger side of ThruText, they can:

  • Send initial and follow-up messages
  • Send customized messages to texting contacts
  • Receive messages from texting contacts
  • Opt-out contacts
  • Register survey responses
  • View and send admin-determined global and campaign-specific scripts
  • Hide messages from their own user view

Within the Calling side of ThruTalk, they can:

  • Preview a calling script
  • Make outgoing calls in calling campaigns that they have been invited to
  • Record script survey questions
  • Add individual contacts to the Do Not Call list

Users CAN NOT:

  • See assignments from campaigns that have been archived
  • See the Admin-side of GetThru or access those features for ThruText or ThruTalk


This permission level is for administrator access with some restrictions. In addition to all user permissions, these users can access the admin dashboard and can:

Moderators can:

  • Create groups
  • Invite new message senders/callers to the organization's account
  • Remove message senders/callers from the account
  • View custom fields
  • Duplicate, archive, or delete scripts

Moderators CAN NOT:

  • Export groups
  • Create custom fields
  • View Usage
  • Invite/Elevate user accounts with moderator, admin, or owner permissions
  • Remove account owners, administrators, or moderators from the organization

Within ThruText, Moderators can do everything a message sender can do, plus:

  • Create, modify, archive, and export campaigns
  • Use admin conversation QA tools: opt-out, opt-in, send messages in other users' conversations, log survey responses, etc.
  • Create/Edit recommended replies
  • Manage Opt-Outs
  • Adjust self-assignment batch size during campaign creation or within an active campaign

Within ThruText, Moderators CAN NOT:

  • Export account-level reports
  • Adjust the default self-assignment batch size at the account-level
  • Add use case registration information
  • Export account-level calling reports

Within the Calling side of ThruTalk, moderators do everything a caller can do, plus: 

  • Create new calling scripts
  • View/Edit/Delete any calling scripts added to the account
  • Access the Do No Call List manager and add phone numbers
  • Export a list of Do Not Call numbers

Within the Calling side of ThruTalk, moderators CAN NOT:

  • Create, view, or archive campaigns


This permission level has access to every component of both the user and admin consoles of GetThru, with a few exceptions:

Admins can:

  • Invite/Elevate user accounts with admin or moderator permissions
  • Remove other administrators or moderators from the organization
  • Add/Edit/Archive Custom fields

Admins CAN NOT:

  • Remove account owners or change their permissions

Within ThruText, admins have access to:

  • ThruText Exports
  • View ThruText Usage Analytics
  • Adjust the default self-assignment batch size for ThruText campaigns
  • Add use case registration information for 10DLC

Within ThruText, Admins CAN NOT: 

  • Add any brand registration or submit campaign verify tokens for 10DLC

Within ThruTalk, admins can:

  • Create, view, and archive campaigns

Account Owner

The Account Owner permission level has full access to every component of the user and admin consoles of GetThru.

Account owners can:

  • Elevate or remove permissions from any other level of a user account.

Within ThruText:

  • Add brand registration information for 10DLC
  • Submit Campaign Verify tokens
  • In primary accounts, can view the Network Account Usage page