What is 10DLC? 

  • 10DLC stands for "10 digit long code", or the phone numbers that ThruText uses to send personalized messages to individual people. "10DLC" is being used as shorthand for a new system that wireless carriers (like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon) are implementing to protect the SMS channel from spam and junk messaging. Overall, we support the goals of the 10DLC system, which are to register, verify, and track organizations and their texts to ensure that high-quality messages get to their intended recipients. Note that the carriers are each approaching 10DLC differently, which means that some compliance steps may be required to deliver messages to one carrier but not another.

Who are the Campaign Registry and Campaign Verify? 

  • The Campaign Registry (TCR) is the information hub that allows the registration of 10DLC messaging campaigns. They work with carriers, vendors, and industry partners to establish common standards for A2P 10DLC messaging. This is the organization that is administering 10DLC.
  • Campaign Verify is the 10DLC vetting partner responsible for verifying political campaigns, PACs, and parties. If you are one of these three types of organizations, you are required to register with Campaign Verify in order to send messages to some carriers.

How is GetThru approaching 10DLC? 

  • We are an official "Campaign Service Provider" with The Campaign Registry, which means that we can help our customers comply with the new 10DLC system so that you can continue texting with confidence. Our goal is to minimize the burden of 10DLC compliance by making it as easy as possible to enter the necessary information inside ThruText. Once you do, we will take care of passing that information along to TCR and, in turn, to the wireless carriers.

What do ThruText clients need to do? 

  • All ThruText accounts will need an Account Owner and complete Brand RegistrationWe recently created a new user permissions role in ThruText called Account Owner. Account Owners will need to enter information into our Brand & Use Case Registration page. This is a short form that will provide TCR with basic information about your organization, like your organization's legal name and Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • All ThruText accounts must register at least one Use CaseYou will also need to establish which "use cases" you will be using your ThruText account for. Use Cases are the 10DLC term for general types of texting campaigns, like "Fundraising", "Higher Education.", or "Political". Any Admin can fill out the Use Cases form.
  • Some ThruText accounts will need a Campaign Verify Token. If you are a political campaign, PAC, or political party, you will need to register with Campaign Verify and receive a Campaign Verify token, which you will then add to your ThruText account on the same page as Brand Registration.
  • A small number of high-volume ThruText accounts may require a Special Business Review. T-Mobile has additional compliance measures for high-volume texters to receive an exemption from their daily message limits. A Special Business Review cannot be undertaken until you complete Brand Registration and Use Case registration. So clients should first focus on those steps. We will be reaching out with more information on Special Business Reviews to select clients who we believe may need to go through this process.

Applying Use Cases to ThruText campaigns 

  • Once you complete Brand Registration and register your Use Cases, you will eventually need to apply those use cases to each ThruText campaign you launch. The ability to apply use cases to ThruText campaigns is not yet available but will be soon. We'll send out an email notification and post an announcement in the application once that function is live.

What is the timeline for 10DLC compliance?

  • As mentioned above, each carrier is approaching 10DLC differently. The most important deadline that has been established is by T-Mobile, which has said that as of October 1, 2021, they will begin throttling unregistered traffic. For this reason, we are encouraging all clients to complete the registration process by October 1, 2021.