Adding survey questions in ThruText

Survey questions get the data that you want your texters to collect from your contacts. You can add as many survey questions as you want. Survey responses are not filled in automatically, and texters must record responses based on their conversations. 

ThruText has four types of survey questions: 

  • Yes/No
  • Multiple Choice (pick one) 
  • Checkboxes (pick many) 
  • Freeform (fill-in-the-blank)

You can use the pulldown menu to select the type of question you want:Select a survey type drop down box

For Multiple Choice and checkbox questions, you will need to specify all of the possible answers and separate each one using a comma, as shown below:

multiple choice survey question example

When used, radio buttons (Multiple Choice and Yes/No questions) cannot be de-selected. Using "Undecided" as an option, like the example above, is a great way to work around this!

Similar to Recommended Replies, your Survey Questions' order can be changed by clicking and dragging the question by using the directional arrow located to the left of the title. You can encourage your senders to collect the most important data by moving those questions to the top of the list.

Once launched, Survey Questions cannot be deleted and only edited as a data preservation tactic.