Survey Questions and Activist Codes can be brought into your ThruText campaigns from both the MyVoter and MyCampaign side of your VAN committee.

Step 1: Choose the appropriate option for the data you would like to collect. 

Now your survey question or activist code will be added to the list of questions available for your texters:

Step 2: Launch Your Campaign and Collect Data 

Finalize your campaign and launch. When your texters send the initial scripted message and collect responses for your survey questions/activist codes that are imported from VAN, the answers will be logged in both ThruText survey responses as well as saved back to your VAN account for that contact's VAN or Campaign ID.

Voter file-scoped survey questions and activist codes will save to the MyVoter file. Campaign-scoped survey questions and activist codes will save to your MyCampaign file. A canvass record will be added when the contact is first texted and survey data is synced.

In the admin console, survey responses with blue text are in the process of synchronizing. Responses with red text failed. Gray text has completed synchronization.

A few notes about contact history updates:

  • This synchronization of the “Texted” result code will only occur when the initial “scripted” messages are sent in a campaign that has either VAN ID (voter) or VAN Campaign ID custom fields attached, or both.
  • If multiple initial script messages are sent in ThruText on the same day to a contact with the same VAN Voter ID or VAN Campaign ID within your committee, VAN will only reflect the “Texted” contact history once for that day per file in VAN.
  • If VAN-integrated survey question(s) are answered for that contact on the same day, it will change the contact history result code from “Texted” to “Canvassed” and update the timestamp.
  • Contacts opted out within a VAN-integrated campaign will sync a contact history record with result code 'Do Not Text' if that status is available in your VAN committee. It is important to note that this sync will only occur if the opt-out occurs from within a campaign itself and not if the opt-out is added manually from the account dropdown at the administrative level.

If you have properly set up your ThruText Survey Questions by importing from VAN, the sync will happen automatically as your texters send initial scripted messages and record data. You do not need to press any special "sync to VAN" button at the end of the campaign. Just check your VAN account and you'll see the data that was recorded in ThruText show up!