How to view conversations and clean up campaigns

Using the admin's messenger, you can view your texter's conversations that are taking place in your ThruText campaigns. This allows you to view each thread and clean up after senders if they've missed something or made a mistake. Conversation management can be a part of Campaign Sweeping and can be done at any point in the day.


Conversations Overview

To view conversations, you will click on the "Conversations" tab within your campaign to access the Conversations Overview page.

Screenshot of a menu of black text on a white background. The "Conversations' option on the right is highlighted with a dark green solid-lined rectangle.

From the Conversations Overview page, you can view the total number of conversations, conversations not started, and conversations that need replies. 

NOTE - Auto Opt Outs are not counted in the Conversation Overview reply counts. However, the Auto Opt Outs will appear when looking at the Admin Messenger page.

If you click on a sender's name, it will show you all of the assigned conversations in the Admin Messenger.

A Conversation Overview screenshot, listing sender names in blue underlined text. To the right are numbers beneath headers for 'Progress' and 'Needs Reply'.

Admin Messenger leftside tabs

NOTE - The "tabbed" view of the Admin Messenger is only available on the SuperCollider. Please note that not all accounts are on the SuperCollider system. Please write to with any questions about your account.

As an admin on a ThruText campaign, we have created easy filters to look at a texter's assignment: Initial Messages, Reponses, FollowUps, and Opt Outs. Below the tabs, a list of conversations will be shown that will change as you switch between tabs.

NOTE - Conversations that have had their initial message sent, do not have a follow up, and have not replied are not visible in the admin messenger. You can create a campaign message export to view all conversations on a campaign.

Scrreenshot of Admin Messenger 'Initial Messages', 'Responses', and 'Opt outs' tabs of white text on a dark blue background. The 'Responses' has a lighter blue background signifying focus for the page.

Initial Messages

In the Initial Messages tab you can view the conversations in that user's assignment that have not been sent yet. As an admin, you can click the "Send" button (or "Send All" if the campaign is QuickSend) to send the messages or search for a conversation using the search bar.

The Initial Messages tab is hidden when there are no initial messages to send or if the initial message sending window has closed.


The Responses tab has all the conversations that contacts have replied to. Admins can respond to the conversations, record surveys, or process opt-outs. If an admin responds to a conversation outside of open hours, the message will be sent the next time the campaign is open. Admins can also search for and sort their conversations.

A dot next to a contact name indicates a message from a contact that has not been responded to yet. A lot of dots could mean that your senders have missed a lot of replies that have come in, and perhaps have not recorded the data that has come in with them. By using the Conversations Overview, you can double check how many replies are awaiting a response. Please refer to our guide on message statuses, for more information.

The Responses tab is always visible, even if no replies have been sent by contacts, or if all the replies have been opted out.

If you are looking for a conversation that has been Hidden by a user, it is very likely in the Responses tab.


After all initial messages are sent, a Followup message can be created. If the user you are looking at has Followups that need to be sent those conversations are in the Followups tab. Admins can send replies, record survey data, process opt outs as well as search for contacts from the Followups tab.

The Followups tab is only visible when there are conversations that have an active Followup message that has not been sent.

Opt Outs

All conversations that have been opted out in this campaign are visible from the Opt Out tab, regardless if they were Auto Opt Outs or processed using the Opt Out button. Admins can search and sort their conversations as well as record survey data. Additionally, admins can opt conversations back in using the "Opt In" button in the Admin Messenger top bar

Screenshot of 2 buttons of blue text on a white background. There is a green rectangle around the 'Opt In' button on the right

The Opt Outs tab is always visible, even if no replies have been sent by contacts, or if no opt outs have been processed.

Admin Messenger yellow bar

From the Admin Messenger's yellow bar you can confirm whose assignment you are viewing, quickly navigate between assignments, or reassign some or all of that user's conversations.

 A solid yellow bar at the top of the screen has been expanded to show all senders on the campaign with stats about their assignments.

You can use the "Viewing as:" drop-down menu to switch between users. In the above image, the drop-down is expanded, and all senders on the campaign are shown with a few basic stats about their assignments.

The "Next Sender" button take you to the next sender in your sort order. (In this example, using the "Next Sender" button will show us the conversations in Unassigned.)

You can reassign some conversations to a specific sender from the "Reassign Conversations" drop-down.

Admin Messenger top bar

If there are conversations in this user's assignment within this tab, the Admin Messenger's top bar will show information and actions for a single contact.

Screenshot of name and redacted phone number in black text with two white buttons with blue text on the right side.

The contact's first and last name are displayed with their phone number. Accounts can redact contact phone numbers from the admin messenger by emailing

You can reassign an individual contact using the "Reassign" button. Also, you can opt the contact out or back in from the Admin Messenger top bar.

Admin Messenger rightside bar

You can view info about the campaign's survey questions, recommended replies, and general info from the right sidebar.

Screenshot of the admin messenger rightside tabs: 'Survey', 'Replies', and 'Info'. The Survey tab has dark blue text on a light blue background besides 2 tabs of grey text on white backgrounds.

On the Survey tab, as an admin, you record or change survey questions on any conversations that have sent their initial message. New surveys can be added if no surveys are visible on that tab.

On the Replies tab, you can select a Recommended Reply that you would like to send, and edit it in the Message Input Box before sending. Admins can add Recommended Replies after campaign launching if one was missed.

The Info tab has the name of the campaign and the information entered about the campaign during campaign creation.

Please check out our video on Campaign Clean Up to see the conversation view in action.