As an admin you can view all conversations that are taking place in your ThruText campaigns. This allows you to view each thread and cleanup after texters if they've missed something or made a mistake. 

To do so, you will click on the "Conversations" tab from within your campaign:

Clicking through will show you all of the texters assigned to that campaign. As you click on their names, you will be able to see all of their assigned conversations and read the thread:

A blue dot next to a contact name indicates a message from a contact that has not been responded to yet. A lot of blue dots could mean that your texters have missed a lot of replies that have come in, and perhaps have not recorded the data that has come in with them. In the image above, you can see that the data from Catherine's conversation is recorded correctly in the far right column.

But in the case that data is NOT recorded correctly, you as the admin can add or change the texters initial survey answers.

In the example above, you can see that Catherine says "Maybe" at first, but after getting more information, she changes her mind and says she can attend. But originally the "Maybe" was still check marked as the answer. As the admin, you can click on that "Yes" button to provide an update:

You can also use the message content box or the recommended replies to text the contact a text back if you so desire:

In addition, you can manage opt-outs or reassign a single conversation from within the admin conversation tab. For example, if one of your texters opts a contact out incorrectly or forgets to opt them out, you can use the opt out button on the top right to record their opt out status correctly:


If "Complete opt out" was selected, the display screen will change to "Opt In" and you can opt the contact back in:


If you'd like to move that particular conversation to another sender or back to unassigned, you can use the reassign button right below the opt out button:

You can then choose where you'd like the conversation to go:


For more information you can Click here to read more on Opt Out Management or Read more on Reassigning Conversations. You can also check out our video on Campaign Clean up to see the conversation view in action.