How do I see who to answer first?

After you have sent all of your initial messages, you will see the replies to your assignment. Your organization will let you know which message is the most important and should be answered first, but how do you find that conversation?


Message Statuses

A conversation in an assignment has a few statuses throughout its lifecycle:

  • Initial Message - Initial Messages are the unsent messages in your assignment. You will need to send all your initial messages before you can see replies. 
  • Hidden - Hidden conversations are created by clicking the "Hide" button in the Messenger. Conversations can be hidden regardless of who has sent the most recent reply. If you have hidden a conversation by accident, please reach out to your texting admins so that they can reply to that conversation on your behalf.
  • Followup - An admin on your account has created a Followup campaign inside of your assignment. They are a scripted initial message your admin wants to send to or a portion, or all, of your assignment. Followup messages will have a grey dot next to the contact's name. You will need to send these Followup messages to view your other replies. Please note that not all assignments will have Followup messages. If you have a question about texting strategy, please reach out to your texting admins.
  • Replied - A conversation has been "Replied" to when the last message in the conversation was sent from
  • Needs Reply - A conversation "Needs Reply" when the contact has the most recent message. Refer to Recommended & Saved Replies for more information. "Needs Reply" messages are marked with a green dot next to the contact's name in your Messenger.

Screenshot of column of names in white text on a dark blue background. The names at the top of the list have a dark green dot to the left signifying a reply.

Conversation Sorting Order

Conversations with responses can be sorted in 3 different ways by using the "Sort" drop-down in the Left Side Bar. Initial messages and follow-up messages can't be sorted.

  • Needs Reply - The "Needs Reply" sort order will put the conversations that had the contact reply most recently at the top of your assignment.
  • Recent - Sorting an assignment by "Recent" will move the conversation with the most recent activity to the top, regardless of who had the last reply.
  • A to Z - Sorting an assignment A to Z will put your contacts in alphabetical order.

Screenshot of expanded 'Sort' drop-down menu, which is grey text on a white background. At the top is 'Needs Reply' with a checkmark to the left.