Connecting your GetThru and PDI accounts

PDI can connect with both ThruText and ThruTalk! This integration allows users to text and call voters sourced from the PDI program as long as the user has obtained an account with GetThru. This functionality does not replace the Texting File functionality seen in the Create List and Files page but instead offers an alternative solution to simplify the process. 

Getting Started

You will first need to associate your PDI Account with a GetThru account. 

If you are an existing GetThru client: 

You will want to initiate the request within PDI to have them send your PDI account information to Use your current domain name in the request.

If you do not have a GetThru account yet: 

We'd be delighted to introduce you to our platform and set you up with a demo to show you how it works. You can also email to get more information. Then, initiate your request within PDI to set up your account!

Click here to learn more and get started from your PDI account.

When entering in your integration request through the PDI website, your organization name is the name of your PDI account.

Once we have enabled the PDI integration, your account will have nine custom fields:

  • PDI Unique ID
  • Address
  • Address 2
  • Polling Location
  • Polling Location 2
  • Polling Address
  • Congressional District (CD)
  • Senate District (SD)
  • Assembly District (AD)

You will also see an administrator user for your PDI integration. The integration will not function until PDI approves this user. Do not delete this user. Admins deleting or downgrading the PDI user will cause your integration to fail:

administrator user for your PDI integration

From here, you can now push your lists from PDI into a group in GetThru with the click of a button! Click here to read more about sending contacts to GetThru from PDI.

Create and send your campaign

When the list is pushed to, the group is created with all of the custom fields automatically via the PDI Sync User that has been added to your account.

For ThruText

To get the most out of your PDI list, you should use your PDI-imported custom fields in ThruText. Click here for directions on how to add custom fields to your ThruText campaigns.

After group creation, admins will need to create their ThruText campaign, have their users send the campaign, and collect survey information

For ThruTalk

It would be best to use your PDI-imported custom fields in your ThruTalk scripts so that you can get the most out of your PDI list. Click here for directions on how to add the custom fields to your calling scripts.

After group creation, admins must build their script, launch their ThruTalk campaign, and have their users make calls.

PDI created groups can be used for both ThruTalk and ThruText interchangably! No additional import is required.

Bringing your survey results back into your PDI account

After your users have made calls in ThruTalk or recorded survey information in ThruText, we send those survey results to PDI overnight. You can import your survey information to PDI in the morning.

Click here to read more about bringing your GetThru results into PDI.

NOTE - The PDI approval system defaults to ThruText survey results. To access your NewTalk results, click the drop-down to the left of the date picker fields. Select ThruTalk, set your dates, and click "Continue."

If you encounter any difficulties, please email GetThru's Support Team at