About Phone Verifications

All phone carriers participate in an international database that contains every phone number currently in use. The phone carriers will report what type each of those numbers are: mobile, landline, or VOIP (VOIP = Voice over Internet Protocol or when you use your internet connection for phone calls). When you upload your CSV, GetThru will compare every number in that CSV and report on what type of number each phone number uploaded is. If it is textable, we will mark it as valid and if it isn't we will mark it as invalid.

In ThruText, you can only text mobile numbers. If a phone number is a landline or VOIP number, it will be marked invalid. This might cause confusion with VOIP numbers that do offer the ability to send and receive texts (such as Google Voice). While those carriers do exist, the large majority of VOIP numbers are in use to replace landline numbers and do not accept SMS. To keep deliverability high and save your costs for undelivered messages, we don't allow texting of VOIP numbers.

In ThruTalk(New), landline and VOIP numbers that were invalid in a Group are dialable and will be included in a ThruTalk(New) campaign. 

How to Verify Your Phone Numbers

To verify your group data, export it and see validation info in a CSV. Here is an example:

Group data validation info

You can also see an overview in the Group page view:

active group page

Once your Group has been validated, you can then create your campaign.