Using a Dedicated Number to Launch a UK Campaign

NOTE - Dedicated Phone Numbers are only available to UK clients.

The first step of campaign creation is specific to the account's country. 


Campaign Details for the UK

  • General campaign details
    • Name - Make sure to use consistent naming conventions. Message senders can see the names of campaigns.
    • Description - The description is visible to senders, so you can use it to give them brief instructions to guide their texting. This is also a great place to let your senders know who to contact if they have assignment questions.
  • Initial Message Sending Window 
    • Start and End Dates - The window in which initial messages can be sent through the Messenger. The End date can be edited after launch, but the Start date cannot. 
  • Daily Open Hours 
    • Open and Close Times - Settings default to 9 am to 9 pm local time.
  • Organization ID and Opt Out Language 
    • Both the Organization Display Name and Opt Out language are sent to the contact in your initial message script. They identify who the message is from and how to opt out of text messaging.
  • Sending Phone Number"Screenshot of black text on a white background with the header 'Sending phone number.' Below, a phone number appears in a dropdown menu with the word 'Manage' in blue above it.
    • Dedicated phone number - The drop-down menu allows the admin to select the already created sending phone number for this campaign.
      NOTE - If no dedicated phone numbers have been added to the account, clicking the "Manage" button will take the admin to the Phone Numbers page.
  • Build Your Target List 
    • Add previously created Groups or Past Campaigns to build your contact list.
      NOTE - If no Groups are in your "Select a Group" drop-down, you will need to add new Groups.

NOTE - If you are prevented from moving to the next campaign creation page, check that all required fields have been filled out, including having clicked Targeting's "Set Base Segment" button.

Continue with the "Senders" section of our campaign creation guide for the remaining steps of campaign creation.

Incoming messages and dedicated phone numbers

If contacts are shared in multiple campaigns and the contact replies, the incoming message will be visible in the most recently launched campaign.