Troubleshooting tips for Followup Messages

In this guide, we will go over common follow up messages questions and troubleshooting steps. For details on how to use the follow up messages feature, please check out our guide Follow Up Messages.

If your launched followup messages are not showing for senders, make sure to confirm your followup launch expiration date has not already ended, and that the targeted audience is over 0. 

Issue: You are unable to launch a draft followup from the “Send a Followup” page, or you clicked “Create Followup” from the Campaign Details page and can’t save or launch a new followup with the same parameters.

Solution: This is caused by an ongoing bug that is being investigated by our team. However, there is a workaround at this time. When clicking "Edit" on a followup or clicking "Create Followup" a second time, while still on the Campaign Details page (when the text is already populated), the "End Date & Time" will appear to be prefilled, but it will need to be reselected. The workaround for these two situations is to re-add the "End Date & Time." For that to work, you’ll need to change the end time, click off the time picker so that it registers the change, and then re-add the original end time. That will allow the campaign to successfully launch.

Issue: You have set up multiple followup messages based on various targeting and the contacts are receiving the wrong messages.

Solution: By design, only one followup message can be active at one time; one followup will override the others if multiple ones are launched at the same time. Launched followup messages are meant to be run in sequence rather than concurrently. Once followup messages are launched, the senders will need to send out all of those followups, and you can then launch the next followup message. However, you can create draft followups to have prepared to launch after the senders have finished sending the previous set of launched followups.

Issue: You have a draft followup message and have since had changes occur with the targeted contacts, but the audience size didn’t change on the followup message draft. For example, you set your followup messages targeting to only contacts that replied at least once, but since creating that draft followup, more contacts have replied.

Solution: By design, the audience size doesn’t automatically update when changes are made to the contacts targeting. There is no action needed to correct this. If the data for targeted contacts changed after creating the draft, while that would not appear to update in the followup section in that draft, once the launch button is clicked, the audience size would then update and those followup assignments could successfully be sent to all targeted contacts on the campaign that fit the selected parameters.