Archiving Campaigns

Archiving a campaign is the final step of administering a texting campaign. Once a campaign has been archived, users will no longer be able to send or receive any messages in their conversations for that campaign. Data from archived campaigns will be preserved; therefore, admins can still create exports, clone, or create targeted segments from an archived campaign. It is best practice to archive a campaign once all conversations have concluded or an event or election has passed.

How to Archive a Campaign

To archive a campaign, you can click the Archive button on either the Active Campaigns page or the Campaign Review page.

  • Active Campaigns
  • Campaign Review

After clicking Archive, campaigns are moved from the Active to the Archived Campaigns page.

Database Housekeeping

GetThru staff periodically archives campaigns that have an end date older than 90 days. This is done to release valuable phone numbers held in used campaigns that future campaigns could use. A reminder e-mail is sent out before arching rounds to give admins sufficient notice. That e-mail will also provide instructions on how to exempt your campaign from being archived.