Start and End dates and times

Message senders can only send initial messages between a campaign's Start and End dates. Both Start and End dates can be set during campaign creation and End dates can be edited after launching. Outside of this window, replies can still be sent by message senders inside Open and Close times.

Screenshot of black text on a white background. Two text input fields are displayed with calendar emojis in each field. The field on the left shows the start date, the field on the left shows the end date.


Start and End dates and times during campaign creation

During the first step of campaign creation, you will be given the option to set your initial message sending window:

  • The Start Date controls the first date that initial messages can begin being sent and when they can start going out. This will default to the current date UTC, so you do not need to edit this box unless you are creating the campaign in the evening or you would like to set this for a time in the future. This cannot be edited after launch.
  • The End Date controls when initial messages can no longer be sent. This is your initial message deadline. Your initial message End Date/deadline can always be extended after launching.

NOTE - Using best practices for ThruText phone number provisioning, you will want to launch your campaigns a few hours ahead of time or the night before. It is important to check your campaign's Start date and time so that texters start sending messages at the correct time.

To make edits, click inside the calendar icon, then edit the pop-up calendar:

A calendar screenshot with the number nine highlighted in dark blue, indicating the chosen date. To the right, three columns with headers in white on a blue background represent chosen times. Entries below are in black text, providing options to adjust the time.

Editing End dates on an active campaign

Sometimes, you will need to edit your active campaign. For example, your texters report that they see "Inbox Zero" on their assignment. You will need to extend the initial message sending window.

To make changes to an active campaign:

  1. Open the campaign you would like to change.
  2. Click the "Edit" button at the top of the screen.
  3. You can adjust the end date calendar (see screenshot above).
  4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

NOTE - Start dates and times cannot be edited.

Viewing initials outside of the initial message sending window

For senders, after the End Date has passed, and the initial message sending window has closed, the messages are not viewable in the Messenger. The message sender would see their replies if there are any.

For users with access to Admin Conversations, unsent initial messages are viewable by accessing the Initial Message tab in the left side bar beneath the search bar.

When viewing the individual message, a warning will be shown above the message input box. The initial message will be uneditable and unsendable. The 'Send' button will be greyed out.

Screenshot of message input box. Above, is a warning composed of red text on a white background. To the right of the input box the rectangular 'Send' button is grey.

To send the initial message after the initial message extend the end date.