How to add a 10DLC Use Case to a ThruText campaign

In order to add use cases to ThruText campaigns, you will first need to have completed Brand Registration and Use Case Registration at the account level. 

10DLC use cases are applied during the campaign creation process. You will see the use case pulldown menu in the Campaign Date and Time section, as seen below. To apply a use case, simply use the dropdown menu.

ThruText will not display use cases that have not cleared The Campaign Registry. If a Use Case is in manual vetting, it will be displayed on this list, and the campaign will receive an apportionment error. To check that your use case is approved, follow this guide. If you have any questions about the status of your use case, please reach out to .

Select a use case from the drop down menu

FAQs for Adding 10DLC Use Cases to ThruText Campaigns

Why is it important to select a use case for my ThruText campaigns?

Attaching 10DLC use cases to campaigns tells the carriers what you are sending messages about. This will help ensure that your messages are delivered to their intended recipients and not filtered by carriers at higher than normal rates. 

Will I be able to launch a ThruText campaign without a use case selected? 

No. Use cases are required for all new campaigns. Additionally, new messages cannot be sent on old campaigns without adding a use case.

What if my ThruText campaign doesn't fit the use cases on my account?

If you don't see the use case you need, please reach out to We highly encourage utilizing "Charity" and "Political" use cases if one is available to your organization.

Can use cases be changed after launching?

Yes, after a ThruText campaign has launched, if your account has multiple use cases available, you can click "Edit" within the campaign details page and select the appropriate use case.

Can I select two use cases on one ThruText campaign?

No. You can only associate one use case with a ThruText campaign.

What happens to use cases when a campaign is cloned?

Once a campaign has been cloned, the use case selected for the original campaign will be carried over to the new cloned campaign. If your account includes more than one use case, to choose a new use case for the cloned campaign, you will need to open the use case dropdown and change it to the appropriate use case during Step 1 of the campaign creation process, and then progress to the next campaign creation steps.