What is a T-Mobile "Special Business Review"?

In addition to Brand Registration, Use Cases, and Campaign Verify tokens (for political organizations,) T-Mobile has additional compliance measures for high-volume texters to receive an exemption from their daily message limits. If your messaging volume approaches 250K messages for any single day we highly recommend completing a Special Business Review (SBR). 

Please reach out to success@getthru.io for more information.

Do I need a T-Mobile Special Business Review?

Probably not. T-Mobile has established a maximum limit of 200,000 message segments per day to T-mobile subscribers. If you plan to send more than 250,000 total messages from a single ThruText account on any one day, we recommend that you complete a Special Business Review.

Here's a look into the calculus we used to arrive at that estimate: On average, T-Mobile subscribers will comprise around 25% of your contacts, and typical messages average 3 message segments, ergo: 200K total daily segments divided by 3 segments per message = 67K messages per day X 4 (25% of your contacts) = 250K (with a small safety margin) total messages per day to meet the threshold for requiring an SBR.

Submitting a Special Business Review:

If you believe you qualify for an SBR, please reach out to success@getthru.io for more information.