ThruText Videos - How To Reassign Conversations


Hello There! My name is Craig with ThruText and this is our Reassign Conversation Video. In this video, I’m going to show you How to Reassign Conversations using ThruText after a campaign has been launched.

There are four main ways you can reassign conversations in ThruText using our multi-directional reassignment feature.You can Reassign All of the conversations, reassign some of the conversations, you can unassign all conversations from a single user, and you can reassign a single conversation to a user.

Let’s first look at Reassigning All. Let’s go into one of my campaign [Bartlett 2020 Interest Rally September]. Then I’m going to go to the Conversations Page. That is going to open up all the conversations currently going on in our campaign.


ThruTip One: Only conversations that have not had their initial message sent or conversations that have had at least one reply are going to show up in the conversation page. If you need to see all the conversations that have had their initial messages sent but no replies, you will need to do a campaign messages export.

To the left, I can see all the users on my campaign that we can assign messages to. You can also see that all our conversations are currently unassigned. I am going to go ahead and load the unassigned conversations. There are 6 total and they are in various states of activity.

Now I want to reassign all of the conversations, so I click the Conversations button. That brings up a drop down and I am going to select Reassign All. Now we have the option to assign by status. The three status options are “Any”, “Needs Reply”, and “Not Started”.

“Needs Reply” is a conversation that the contact is waiting on a response from the user. “Not Started” is a conversation that has not had the initial message sent. “Any” is all conversations regardless of status.

I’m going to select “Any”, and then I can select from the “To” drop down menu any of my users I want to reassign these conversations to. If we choose to distribute to all users, it will evenly distribute them to your users. I’m going to select that option, and you will see that our users now have 3 conversations each.

Now let’s reassign some conversations based on a specific status. I want to reassign some of the conversations that haven’t been started yet from Kevin to Rebecca. First we need to go to Kevin’s name in the Senders list. Then, I’m going to click the “Conversations button again, and select “Reassign Some”. I want to reassign 1 conversation with the status “Not Started” and the user is Rebecca. Now I click reassign, and you will see that Rebecca now has 4 conversations.

You can also reassign single conversations in ThruText. In Rebecca’s conversations, she has been assigned Chris. Chris and Kevin and best friends so Kevin wants to reach out to Chris personally. 

To do this, we need go to Rebecca’s name in the Sender list, then click on Chris’s name in the Conversations list. In the right hand column, where you can see survey results, you can see the “Manage Conversation” box. We are going to click “Reassign” and that will let us reassign this single conversation to another user. In the To dropdown box, I’m going to select Kevin. Now you’ll see that Chris’s conversation has been moved from Rebecca’s assignments and if we go to Kevin’s assignments, we will see that Chris is in the assignment. You can also reassign single conversations in ThruText. In Rebecca’s conversations, she has been assigned Chris. Chris and Kevin and best friends so Kevin wants to reach out to Chris personally. 


The Final reassign feature is to Unassign messages. We just heard from Rebecca that she is unable to get to her messages because she has had something come up, so we are going to need to unassign all her conversations. So we are going to click on Rebecca’s name in the Sender list, then the Conversations button. Then we will click “Unassign All”. When using the Unassign All feature, the system will always ask you to confirm that you want to unassign all the conversations from a user since you don’t want an accidental click to completely unassign every conversation from a user. Now Rebecca’s 3 message are now unassigned.
ThruTip Two: Moving conversations into unassigned is a good way move conversations between users. If you are using the “Self Assign” option in your campaign, that also means that any users who request more conversations can pull from those newly unassigned conversations that had not been started yet.

That is how you Reassign Conversations in ThruText. If you have any questions, please check out as well as ask us at Happy Texting.

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