Not enough phone numbers

Sometimes when you attempt to launch your campaign in ThruText, you may get an error that says you will need to select additional regions to launch your campaign.

You can check for two things that could be triggering the error.

1) Is your campaign over 100,000 contacts?

There is a maximum number of phone numbers per area code that GetThru can buy at one time. Splitting your campaign into groups of under 100,000 contacts and launching it as separate campaigns should solve the issue if that is what is triggering the error. Click here for more information on Group Size.

2) Are you choosing more than one area code while creating your campaign?

ThruText; therefore,

If your campaign is already under 100,000 contacts, or you are still getting the error even after splitting your campaign, then the area code(s) you are choosing could have run out. 

If you only select one area code, it limits the number of available numbers for your campaign. Therefore, we advise that you select up to three area codes to obtain enough numbers for your list size. region area codes with regions selected in drop down boxesNOTE: Remember to hit launch again after selecting additional or new area codes for your campaign!

In some rare instances, the vendor will still be out of numbers even after selecting three area codes. In this case, selecting area codes from bordering regions can provide available numbers for your campaign. If you are still having trouble launching your campaign, you can contact for assistance in choosing area codes.

During busy times in a campaign cycle (e.g. in November or right before a primary in your state) numbers can simply run out as everyone is running their campaigns across the state. It is advised that when possible, setting up and launching your campaigns as far out as you can will help avoid running into this error.