You can now integrate your ThruText account with your VAN instance and bring your Activist Codes, Survey Questions, Events, and Canvass Results into your ThruText campaigns when creating surveys.

Responses to these surveys will be written back to your VAN data file.

  • Activist Codes and Survey Questions are available for sync through both MyVoter and MyCampaign.
  • Events are only available through MyCampaign.
  • Canvass Results are only available through MyVoter.

VAN contact history will be updated when contacts are first texted within the campaign, and when survey responses are logged.

If you haven't set up your VAN integration yet, click here to learn how to get set up

After that, you'll need to follow these three steps.

Step 1: Upload Groups with VAN ID and/or VAN CAMPAIGN ID 

When we enable your VAN sync, we will create two important custom fields in your group uploads, VAN ID and VAN CAMPAIGN ID.

If you want to sync information from ThruText to VAN for a particular Group, you must upload one or both of these custom fields.  If you include only VAN ID, you will only be able to access survey questions, activist codes, and canvass results at the voter file level. If you include your VAN CAMPAIGN ID, you will also be able to access survey questions, events, and activist codes at the My Campaign level in VAN. Map these custom fields when uploading groups or importing groups from VAN.

Step 2: Set up ThruText Survey Questions by Importing from VAN  

Campaigns that target Groups where VAN ID and/or VAN Campaign ID are custom fields will have the option to "Import from VAN" when creating a new ThruText Survey Question. If you don't see the Import from Van option, it likely means you did not properly map VAN ID or VAN CAMPAIGN ID in the Group upload process.

If you have both VAN ID and VAN Campaign ID mapped to the groups in this campaign, you should see the following six options:

Choose the appropriate option for the data you would like to collect. 

Now your survey question will be added to the list of questions available for your texters.

Special Notes about Events: Events must include at least one role, status, and location to allow for sync-back. The non-event leader role and scheduled status will be registered for contacts by default. You can configure the role and status by editing the survey question on each campaign and choosing the status and role manually:

As of July 2018, we've added the ability to sync Canvass Results into the MyVoter side of VAN (this is not currently available on the MyCampaign side).

On a MyVoter-integrated campaign, you can now add a list of canvass results for your message senders to select. This includes results like "Wrong Number", "Moved", and "Refused", among many others.

Special Notes on Canvass Results: 

(1) These settings are VAN ID specific so VAN will sync back only the last selected result per day. For example, if a sender selects "Busy" and then later that day, a sender selects "Do Not Text", "Do Not Text" will be synced in the contact history in VAN for that day. The ThruText survey question will retain the status of all choices for fine-grained data collection needs. Select the result codes you wish to track, and they will be added to a single checkbox survey question on that campaign. You can add additional choices after creation, if desired. 

(2) Currently, Canvass Results are only available on the MyVoter side of VAN. To sync back these results to your MyCampaign side, you will want to create a survey question in MyCampaign that basically does the same thing. You would make the question choices list the items you want to collect (moved, wrong number, Spanish, etc) and then use that question when you set up your MyCampaign-integrated ThruText campaign with MyCampaignID mapped groups. You could then use those survey results when targeting your future lists in your MyCampaign side of your VAN.


Step 3: Launch Campaign and Collect Data 

Now, finalize your campaign and launch. When your texters send the initial scripted message, or select responses for your survey questions that are Imported From VAN, the answers will be lodged in both ThruText survey responses as well as saved back to your VAN account for that contact's VAN or Campaign ID.

Voter file scoped survey questions, activist codes, and canvass results will save to voter file. Campaign survey questions, activist codes, and events will save to your My Campaign file. A canvass record will be added when the contact is first texted and survey data is synced. 

In the admin console, survey responses with blue text are in the process of synchronizing. Responses with red text failed. Gray text has completed synchronization.

A few notes about contact history updates:

  • This synchronization of the “Texted” result code will only occur when the initial “scripted” messages are sent in a campaign that has either VAN ID (voter) or VAN Campaign ID custom fields attached, or both.
  • If multiple initial script messages are sent in ThruText on the same day to a contact with the same VAN Voter ID or VAN Campaign ID within your committee, VAN will only reflect the “Texted” contact history once for that day per file in VAN.
  • If VAN-integrated survey question(s) are answered for that contact in the same day, it will change the contact history result code from “Texted” to “Canvassed” and update the timestamp.
  • Contacts opted out within a campaign that is VAN-integrated will sync a contact history record with result code Do Not Text. It is important to note that this sync will only occur if the opt-out occurs from within a campaign itself and not if the opt-out is added manually from the account dropdown at the administrative level.

If you have properly set up your ThruText Survey Questions by importing from VAN, the sync will happen automatically as your texters send initial scripted messages and record data. You do not need to press any special "sync to VAN" button at the end of the campaign. Just check your VAN account and you'll see the data that was recorded in ThruText show up!