About Self Assign
A campaign with the self assign feature turned on will allow message senders that have already been added to a campaign to assign themselves either batches of 300 initial messages, and/or 300 additional messages after they have finished sending their initial assignment. These messages are pulled from 'Unassigned.'

The self assign feature is optional, can be enabled or disabled draft or active campaigns and its default state is "off."

Enabling Self Assign

To enable self assign, click the "Allow Self Assignment?" box on the Senders step of campaign creation. Self assign can also be used in conjunction with Campaign Link, learn more here

Self Assign for Initial Messages

A campaign with self assign turned on will display a pink "Request Conversations" button on the message sender's assignment console. 

They will see this screen if they haven't been assigned any conversations yet:

Self Assign for Additional Messages

When a sender has sent all of their initial messages and responded to all conversations, the will see this screen and can use the 'request conversations' button to send more texts: 

NOTE: A sender must be added to a campaign first to see & use the 'Request Conversations' button.