A campaign with the self-assign feature turned on will allow message senders that have already been added to a campaign to add additional conversations themselves, freeing up admins and moderators to focus on other tasks. The feature works on a campaign by campaign basis and is optional. The self-assign feature can be enabled or disabled as desired within the draft or active campaign states, defaults to "off", and will persist on a cloned campaign.

To turn it on, an Admin or Moderator would just have to check the "Allow Self Assignment?" box below from within the creation / editing page of your campaign:

A campaign with self-assign turned on will display a pink "Request More Conversations" button on the message sender's assignment console. 

They will see this screen if they haven't been assigned any conversations yet:


And this screen if they've finished up their initial assignment and want to send more: 


Clicking "Request More Conversations" will assign up to 100 conversations from those in the "Unassigned" bucket. Senders will be able to request more than 100, but must action all initial script sends and replies before requesting more conversations. 

NOTE: A sender must be added to a campaign first before they will be allowed to access the self-assign button.