The steps for accepting your Thrutext invitation differ for users who are totally new to the Thrutext system versus those who already have a Thrutext account.

This FAQ is designed to show you how to accept an invitation to a new organization as an EXISTING USER

Click here for an FAQ on how to register as a new user and accept an invitation.

You can use Thrutext for multiple organizations without signing up for a new account. If you already have a Thrutext account, you should open your invitation, log in, and accept the invitation.


Step 1

The first step will be that you will receive an invitation from your new organization to send texts for them in an email:


You may also receive an invitation through a "permanent invitation link".  

Step 2

Once you click the link, you will be brought to the login page, unless you are currently logged in:



Step 3

After logging into your existing ThruText account, you will be brought to your Organization Page. This page lists all the organizations that your user account is associated with. You will see the new organization invite at the bottom where you will click "Accept" to complete your invitation RSVP.



If you have used a permanent invitation link, you may see a screen like this after logging in. Click Accept to join!

Step 4

How do you begin texting? 

If you have assignments already waiting for you from your texting admins, you will be all set to start texting. If you do not see any assignments waiting, you will want to reach out to your texting admins (the people you signed up to volunteer for) — they can tell you more about when you can expect your assignment to be live.

Note: If you have never registered with ThruText before, you will need to create a new user account. If you feel you have but you are being asked to sign up, you may have registered under a different email than the one your organization is sending your invitation to. Please request a new invitation from the organization to your existing email address, or contact if you need assistance accessing your account.

If you receive an error while attempting to login

If the error says "Could not load your invitation; please try again", this means that you have already accepted your invitation for this organization and are an active sender on that account. You can check to see if you've already accepted an invitation for that account by viewing your organizations page at Since invitation links are designed to only work once, in the future you'll want to sign in and bookmark to access your assignments.

See Also: Troubleshooting Error Messages at Login/Signup