Information on a single group

Once you've uploaded a group, we'll provide statistics for ThruText and ThruTalk usages, followed by error messages for that list of contacts. 

Screenshot of numerical values in black text on white background. On the top half, the numbers correspond with ThruText, and on the bottom they correspond with ThruTalk.


Contacts and error messages in groups definitions

  • Valid: 
    • ThruText: Contacts with textable, valid mobile phone numbers.
    • ThruTalk: Contacts with callable phone numbers. Landlines, VOIP, and mobile numbers are valid on a ThruTalk campaign.
  • Unvalidated: Contacts with phone numbers that are pending validation. Please refresh your browser if you see a large number of items in unvalidated status after the group has been fully processed.
  • Invalid: 
    • ThruText: These are contacts with phone numbers not registered to a valid mobile carrier, such as a landline.
      • Sometimes a cell phone number will be marked "Invalid" this is because our provider has notified us that the phone has been deactivated.
    • ThruTalk: Unknown numbers which are not dialable.
  • GetThru Suppressions:
    • ThruText Opt-Outs: Contacts that are removed due to the phone number being previously opted-out from ThruText on your account. 
    • ThruTalk Do Not Call: Contacts that are removed due to the phone number being previously marked Do Not Call on your account.
    • Opt-outs are not removed from ThruTalk calling lists, and do not call numbers are not removed from ThruText campaigns.
  • Errors: A total count of the rows affected by errors on import. The details are listed below the group stats box:
    • 'Row had a different number of columns from the header row.' - Validate your CSV is formatted properly with all rows having the same number of columns.
    • 'Row had invalid formatting (invalid CSV escape sequence).' - Validate your CSV is formatted properly. 
    • 'Missing or malformed phone number.' - The column in your CSV file mapped to "phone number" is either empty or does not contain the correct amount of characters for one or more phone numbers.
    • 'One or more columns exceeded maximum length (255).' - Fields are restricted to 255 characters and need to be trimmed and re-loaded.
    • 'Missing contact first or last name.' - First and last names are required fields. You can choose to populate them with placeholders like "supporter" if required.
    • 'Duplicate phone number.' - Groups/Campaigns will only have one contact per phone number; duplicates are removed for you.
    • 'Unknown error.' - Contact our Support team at if you need assistance.

Custom fields

This is a list of all custom fields that were mapped during group upload. This is a great way to check to see if your VAN IDs are present in individual groups! For more information on custom fields, check out our detailed article on Custom Fields.

Linked campaigns

The campaigns displayed in this section include all campaigns for ThruText (active, paused, draft, archived) and ThruTalk (active, draft, archived) that the group is attached to.

Action buttons

  • Back - This option will take you back to the active group overview page.
  • Edit - This option will allow you to rename the group.
  • Export - This option will export a CSV of the group validation details. This group export is only formatted for ThruText currently. Exporting the group will show you a breakdown of landlines, VOIP, and mobile numbers under the "carrier_type" column, all of which are dialable on a ThruTalk campaign.
  • Archive - This option is not reversible, and the group cannot be viewed or used again once archived. 

NOTE - Contacts cannot be added or removed once the group is uploaded.

Group Import Concurrent Limits

To ensure high system performance, a new process is being implemented that will limit the number of allowed concurrent group uploads per account. 

NOTE - The concurrent group limit for your account will be listed on the Active Groups page.Screenshot of black text on a beige background showing that the account can upload 3 groups at one time.

  • When you have reached the group upload limit for your account, the following error message will appear at the top of the screen if attempting to upload an additional group:
    • You have reached your maximum number of concurrent group uploads. To ensure high system performance, your account is limited to [x] concurrent group uploads. If you need to increase that limit, please email support@getthru.

Screenshot of red error banner explaining that the admin cannot upload more than their allotted groups at the same time.

  • When you have fewer group uploads in progress than the limit, you will be able to click "New group" and upload additional groups.

Pro Tip: You can tell that a group is still uploading by looking at the status indicator in the top left of a group upload page. 

Screenshot of an uploading group. Above the name of the group there is a yellow status dot next to the word "uploading".