Managing an Account's Dedicated Phone Numbers

NOTE - Dedicated Phone Numbers are only available in the UK.

Admins and Account Owners on UK accounts must create and manage dedicated phone numbers for their accounts on the Phone Numbers Page. Once an account has a dedicated phone number, it is used during campaign creation.

Creating a new dedicated number

The Phone Numbers page is located in the Account Tools drop-down. 

Screenshot of left side navigation menu, white text on a dark blue background. There is a pink dot to the left of the words "phone numbers".

On the Phone Numbers page, admins can select the mobile national destination code for their dedicated number using the drop-down menu. Then, they can give the phone number a name if they choose.

Screenshot showing black text on white background "Create a dedicated phone number" above two fields: a dropdown menu and an optional text entry. Below is a blue button with white text "Add Number".

Phone number names can be used to differentiate one phone number from another. The names can represent the location where the number will be used (e.g., neighborhood, county, or facility), the intention (e.g., fundraising, ballot chase, or organizing), or the date the phone number was added to the account.

After selecting a national destination code and giving the phone number a name (if desired), admins click the "Add Number" button. If a phone number with that destination code is available, it will appear in the "Dedicated Phone Numbers" list below.

If there are no phone numbers with that national destination code, an error message will appear at the top of the screen. If an error occurs, the admin will need to select a different national destination number before clicking the "Add Number" button again.

Screenshot of a red error banner with white text, "No phone numbers available with with that area code" atop a beige background.

Managing Dedicated Phone Numbers

At the bottom of the page is the list of dedicated phone numbers currently on the account. An account can have a maximum of five numbers.

Screenshot displaying black text on a white background. On the left is a UK phone number, and to the right are the words 'Testing #1 - 73' with a pencil emoji.

NOTE - Phone number names can be edited after being added to the "Dedicated Phone Number" list by clicking the 'Pencil' icon.