How to achieve the best image for your MMS campaign

In ThruText, the maximum size for an image or gif is 500kb, and files larger than 500kb cannot be added to your media library. Resizing and keeping your image at the correct scale is integral for achieving your intended impact on your contacts. 

Resizing images using Preview for Macs

To resize images in Preview on a Mac, follow the directions on this page. It is essential to select "Scale proportionally." By scaling proportionally, when you change the image's vertical or horizontal dimensions, the other value changes to maintain the proportions. Then, if you choose a size from the "Fit into" pop-up menu, the image's width or height may be smaller than the selected size to maintain the proportions.

Resizing images using Photos in Windows

To resize images using Photos in Windows, click here. Once the image is open in Photos, you can click the three vertical dots to access the "Resize" tool. By choosing the "Custom" option and selecting "Maintain aspect ratio," your image will automatically adjust when the height or the width is changed."

Other Tools

Free tools like Krita or GIMP can be used. Alternatively, your organization may use a paid-for tool like Adobe Photoshop.