Submitting additional information for 10DLC

During use case registration, carriers request more information about the text messages you plan to send. Carriers want to know how your organization creates its texting lists and how texters would respond if someone asked for more details about your organization.

Help Message Response

This field is intended to show carriers a sample message identifying your organization to a contact if they need help identifying you. This message is encouraged to include a link to your organization's website so that a contact can independently verify who was texting them. For example:

NOTE - Help Message Responses must be between 20 and 320 characters. 

Contact Source

Carriers need to know how you obtain contacts for your texting lists for this Use Case. Select all that apply from the below options:

  • Contacts are alumni of our educational institution
  • Contacts are current students of our educational institution
  • Contacts signed up to receive text messages via our website
  • Contacts signed up at an in-person event to receive text messages
  • Contacts were obtained from the voter file (publicly available voting data)
  • Contacts are parents of current students/alumni of our educational institution