Frequently asked questions about ThruTalk pricing

What is ThruTalk's pricing?

For information on ThruTalk's pricing for education, political campaigns, and non-profits please visit our website for more information. 

How do I find my ThruTalk contract rate?

You can find your pricing plan and rate in your original contract and in a prior invoice, or you can contact our Sales or Billing team for information on your specific plan's pricing details.

To reach these departments directly, the Sales team is available at and the Billing team is available at for assistance. 

Pricing information is not located in, and our Support team is unable to provide those details.

How to calculate a ThruTalk bill?

Your monthly ThruTalk bill is the total number of dials you have completed on your account over the past month multiplied by the per-dial contract rate. 

To check the number of dials completed in a one-month period, go to the account page to access the Account Tools drop-down and click the Usage Analytics button. This page will show you the number of dials completed and the number of contacts called each month in each column. If you’d like more details on accessing this page, please review our Usage Analytics article.

  • Month BIll Calculation: Multiply - (Dials Completed in Previous Month) x (Per Dial Rate) = Previous Month Bill.
  • Per Campaign Calculation: Start by creating a campaign level export for the campaign needed.
    • Download the CSVs and filter out any results listed as "not dialed " (you are not charged for results marked "not dialed ")

  • Determine the remaining number of rows/contacts after filtering by selecting Row A2 and using Shift+Ctrl+Down Arrow (PC) or Shift+Cmd+Down Arrow (Mac) to provide you with a count of the rows for a total.
  • Multiply - (Dials Count From Rows) x (Per Dial Rate) = Previous Month Bill. 

Please reach out to us with any questions on this process at

NOTE - We send bills out during the first half of the month. That means you can expect your previous month's statement by the middle of the current month. Once you have received it, you can pay by ACH, credit card, or check.

Not all dials sent in a billing period are sent in campaigns launched during the billing period. To account for all of the dials appearing in your invoice, you may need to look at campaigns launched before the billing period.