Viewing launched campaigns

After launching a campaign, you can access your campaigns using the "ThruTalk" drop-down on the page's left sidebar.

side navigation: campaigns

You can select Active, Draft, and Archived campaigns within the Campaigns drop-down.

thrutalk (new) campaigns drop down

Active campaigns

Once you have selected the "active" option, you will be directed to the campaign overview page, where a list of all your active campaigns within the account is available.

Campaigns in Account

Review campaign

Once a campaign has launched, it will be listed as active. You can click on any campaign's name on the overview page to view individual campaign details.


  • The First field will be your Campaign's Name. This is editable after launch.
  • The Second field is your Campaign's Description. This is editable after launch.

Campaign: Times & Dates

  • Start Date: The date selected for your campaign to start and be active.
  • End Date: The date selected that your campaign will end and no longer be active. This is editable after launch.
  • Time Zone: This is your chosen time zone and will determine your calling hour time zone below. This is editable after launch.
  • Open Hours: These are the times your calls will be able to go out. (These are reflected in the time zone chosen above.) Read more aboudialing hours here. This is editable after launch.
  • Regions: This will show you which Area Codes you selected when setting up your campaign.

Target Your Campaign

  • Total Contacts: Total number of available contacts for calling. Reflected from the group(s) selected while setting up the campaign.
  • Segments: These are the groups attached to this campaign, either added or removed. Clicking on the link will bring you to the Groups Details Page.
  • Dial Ordering: Order in which calls will cycle through. Either Last Name Ascending or Descending. 
  • Script: This is the active script that you selected for your campaign. Clicking the link will bring you to the script builder. (Only limited edits are available after launching a campaign for data purposes.)

Share Your Invite

  • This link can be used to have callers add themselves to a ThruTalk campaign. The callers will need to be existing users before being able to use the link. Here are helpful guides to learn more about the campaign invitation link or sending out user invites.

Export Button

  • The Export button will bring you to the Exports page for the campaign. Using this option, you can generate an export of all dials completed within the campaign.
  • Exporting is available on active and archived campaigns.

Archive Button

  • After a campaign has been launched, it can be archived. This will mean calls can no longer be made within the campaign. This will also remove it from your Active Campaigns list and add it to the Archived Campaigns list. This action cannot be undone.


  • This shows the first and last name(s) of all the callers you have selected to call on this campaign.
  • Next to the names of each caller is their real-time calling status.
  • NOTE: Callers cannot be removed from a campaign once selected.

Please review our guide, Launching a ThruTalk Campaign, for information on campaign creation.