Viewing launched campaigns

After launching a campaign, you can access your campaigns using the "ThruTalk" drop-down on the page's left sidebar.

side navigation: campaigns

You can select Active and Archived campaigns as well as create a new campaign within the Campaigns drop-down.

thrutalk (new) campaigns drop down

Active campaigns

Once you have selected the "active" option, you will be directed to the Campaign Overview page, where you can view a list of all your active campaigns within the account.

Campaigns in Account

In the above screenshot, clicking the "New Campaign" button will prompt you to create a new ThruTalk campaign.

In the sections below, we detail each column of the table on the Campaign Overview page.


Once a campaign has launched, it will be listed as active on the Active Campaigns page. You can click on any campaign's name to view individual campaign details. 

For additional information on the campaign details page, please check out our ThruTalk Campaign Details guide.

Start and End columns

The "Start" dates represent the beginning of the first day that calls could be made. The "End" dates represent the campaign's closing date and time. Please note that the start cannot be edited, but the end date can be edited.


The "Callers" column shows how many callers are actively working on each campaign.


"Remaining" shows how many calls are left to dial on the campaign's list.


You can archive a campaign by clicking the "Archive" button on that campaign's row.