To make calls in ThruTalk, you will need:

  • An internet connection - Accessed via desktop, mobile device, or laptop. 
  • An audio connection - phone, landline, cell, or computer audio. 
  • A web browser - Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.

Your internet connection

Your internet connection is the first of the three tools you need. Can you load a streaming video, and does it play without buffering? If so, great! You should have no trouble connecting! Make sure to close out all your browser windows and tabs except for the login to ThruTalk. Anything heavy on internet usage, like streaming video, video calls, audio, or other downloads, could impact the calling experience, so we especially recommend closing those.

Your audio connection

Your audio connection is the second tool you need. You can connect via a phone (either landline or cell) or your computer.


If you use a phone to establish an audio connection, you simply need to click "Start Calling" on the assignment and select "Connect with my phone."

We will call your phone number attached to your user profile by default, or you can choose to connect with another number.

Who should use their phone for making calls:

  • People with a landline available for calling
  • People with a strong cell phone signal - a minimum of three bars
  • People in large groups of callers gathered together, using an internet service with less than ideal speeds. (The goal is to reduce strain on the internet connection for the whole group.)
  • People who experience audio issues when using the "Connect with my computer" option

Handling an issue when calling using a phone

If you think you are having trouble with your phone connection based on the likely issues noted above, work through these solutions:

  • Reboot your cell phone; the signal often improves.
  • Try a headset with a microphone. The audio will be louder, and your voice clearer.
  • Move around your location to see where your cell phone signal is strongest, and move to that spot.
  • Contact your phone provider to determine if there are known issues in your area.

Try the "Connect with my computer" option if these solutions do not work.

If you are in a group, whether in person or virtually, we recommend all users who have adequate phone reception (cell or landline) use their phones for ThruTalk audio in order to preserve bandwidth better for the interaction displaying on their device screen.


Who should use the "Call Using Computer" option:

  • People who are receiving two bars or less of cellular service
  • People with more contemporary computer devices
  • People who experience audio issues when making calls from their phones

Handling an issue when calling with your computer

  • Try logging in with Incognito/Private browsing mode on your browser.
  • Switch to a different web browser from the one you're currently using.
  • If you're on WiFi, move to a location with a strong signal.
  • Restart your modem/router to clear up any other connection issues.
  • Try restarting your computer.

Try calling with your phone if these solutions do not work.

Your web browser

Your browser is the third tool you need. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari will work on desktops. Internet Explorer and Opera are not supported.

Be sure to download the latest versions of the browser you are using. For more browser troubleshooting tips, please review this guide.

Once you've ensured you have all the tools ready to make calls, you are ready to log in!