10DLC Registration for Multi-Entity Accounts

Some of our clients send texts from one ThruText account on behalf of multiple legal entities. For example, many nonprofits have used a single ThruText account to, for example, send texts from their 501c3 entity as well as their 501c4 entity. Similarly, some political consultants have used one ThruText account to send texts for multiple different campaigns. 

For any client currently sending texts for multiple legal entities through one ThruText account, we strongly recommend that you segment your traffic such that all texting on a ThruText account is associated with only one “brand identity.”

Why Do I Have to Separate My Texting Into Different Accounts?

  • Increased risk of filtration -- Texts coming from multiple legal entities using one brand identity violates 10DLC regulations and thus increases the risk of additional filtering and/or fines.
  • Potential for texting from one entity to impact another entity -- If one ThruText account is shared among multiple entities and texting for one of the entities is flagged under 10DLC rules for any reason, it could impact the deliverability of texts for the other entities.
  • Throughput concerns -- Segmenting your traffic with one ThruText account for each entity will also help you stay within any potential daily messaging limits that carriers impose (so far only T-mobile has indicated they would institute a limit). These limits would be per day per brand, allowing you to text up to that limit on each individual ThruText account.

How Do I Separate My Texting Into Different Accounts for 10DLC?

After completing your brand registration, all texting on your account will be associated with that brand identity and the information you entered when registering, including your Employer Identification Number.

PACs, political campaigns, and parties are required to take the additional step of registering with Campaign Verify using an FEC ID or a URL of your filing at the state or local level. This is done to confirm that the texting coming from your account is genuinely from your organization. While this adds protection against spoofing, it also means that each ThruText account can only send texts for one PAC, political campaign, or party.