ThruText Videos - How to Set Global Recommended Replies


Hello There! My name is Craig with ThruText and this is our Global Recommended Replies Video In this video, I’m going to show you How to Set Global Recommended Replies using ThruText for your organisation.

In ThruText, Recommended Replies are a good way to have quick responses ready for your users to send on common questions that are unique to a single campaign. With Global Recommend Replies, you can offer common replies that aren’t campaign specific for all the campaigns across your organisation.

To get started, let’s go to our Global Recommend Replies Page. To get there, click Account in the top right hand corner of the window, then click Recommended Replies. 

Here you see that we have two types of Global Recommend Replies. One is the Recommended Replies themselves and the other is a global Opt Out Reply for use when opting out a contact.


ThruTip One: Just like with campaign recommended Replies, you can have as many Global Recommended replies as necessary. However you can only set one Opt Out Reply

We currently have one Recommend Reply thanking a contact for their support. I know that we occasionally get wrong numbers in our list, so I want to create a recommend reply for people who tell us the number we have is wrong. Let’s call this Reply: Wrong Number, and I want it to say: Sorry about that. I'll mark this as a wrong number for our records. Have a nice day!

Once we hit Create Recommended Reply our new reply goes to the bottom of the list of recommended replies.

If you want to reorder the replies, all you have to do is click on the Cross and move the order. I want Wrong Number to be first over Thanks so let’s do that now.

Now I want to go ahead and create an Opt Out Reply that I want to call Opt Out and I want it to say No worries, I will remove your number so you no longer receive any texts from the Bartlett campaign.

If you notice, I made a typo and wrote: No worries, I will remove your number so you no long receive any texts from the Bartlett campaign. Since I don’t want to send out a text with bad grammar, I can fix that. Let’s click Edit and change long to longer. Now I click Update Recommended Reply and now our Opt Out Reply has been updated.

Now let’s take a look at what your users are seeing in the Messenger view. Go into the Messenger view and click on our assignment, Bartlett 2020 Boston Rally Interest. First we need to get to the Recommend Replies. 


Now we will need to go to our Recommended Replies. In the right column, you can see three tabs: Survey, Replies, and Info. Let’s click the Replies tab, and that will bring up all the recommended replies for our campaign. In our Bartlett 2020 Boston Rally Interest campaign we have two replies that are unique to the campaign, “Can Attend” and “Can’t come, but interested”. Those appear first on our list since they are for this specific campaign.

Then we can see our two global recommended replies in the order we set in our Global Recommended Replies page: Wrong Number and Thanks. You can tell that they are global replies by the globe icon next to them. Just like campaign recommended replies, I can either click the name to see what the reply says, or just click the “+” button to add our reply into the text box to send.

ThruTip Two: If your users are in the process of sending messages when you update the recommend replies, they will need to refresh their screen to get the most up to date data.

That is how you Set and Use Global Recommended Replies in ThruText. If you have any questions, please check out as well as ask us at Happy Texting.

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