ThruText Videos - How to View Conversations and Cleanup Campaigns


Hello there! My name is Craig with ThruText and this is our View Conversations and Cleanup Campaigns Video.

In this video, I’m going to show you How to View Conversations and Cleanup Campaigns using ThruText after a campaign has been launched and texts have been sent.

In ThruText, you can view all the conversations going on between your users and their contacts in the admin console. This will let you clean up after your users if they might have missed something or made a mistake.


Let’s start on our active campaigns page. I’m going to go into our Barlett 2020 Interest Rally - September campaign and then go to the Conversations tab. This is where I can see all my users on the campaign as well as how many conversations they are assigned.


ThruTip One: You can quickly see how many conversations are assigned to a user (or unassigned) by checking the blue dot to the left of a users name. The number in the blue dot is how many conversations are currently assigned to that user.

When I click on a users name I can see all the conversations they are currently managing. The top bar below the Conversations button will tell you how many initial messages the user has left to send while the list below will show you current ongoing conversations.

ThruTip Two: Only conversations that have not had their initial message sent or conversations that have had at least one reply are going to show up in the conversation page. If you need to see all the conversations that have had their initial messages sent but no replies, you will need to do a campaign messages export.

Let's go ahead and look at the conversations for our user Kevin. From here you can see both your users messages to a contact as well as their replies. You can also see when a conversation is waiting on a reply by the blue dot that is to the left of the contacts name. If you see a lot of blue dots, that may mean that your user has missed incoming messages that have come in, haven’t responded to questions, or maybe isn’t properly recording survey responses.

Let’s look at the conversation with Catherine. She has said that she is coming to our event and bringing a friend, but our user hasn’t marked the survey that she will be attending the rally. Let’s go ahead and mark that survey as a yes.

In Steven’s conversation, our user has marked that they are attending, but Steven has asked to be included in phone banks. Let’s go ahead and reply, “We will add you to the list” and also mark the survey “Can they help in other ways?” with the Phone Bank option.

Let's take a look at our conversation with Emily. Emily has asked if they can be taken off the list for texting. We need to opt her out, and since it was a polite exchange, I’m also going to text her back and let her know that we are removing her number from our organisation.


ThruTip Three: If a user accidentally opts someone out that didn’t need to be, the admin can opt them back in the conversation window by clicking “Opt In” This is why we call it cleanup, because sometimes users will miss something, and the admin will make sure that it is corrected.

That is how you View Conversations and Cleanup Campaigns in ThruText. If you have any questions, please check out as well as ask us at Happy Texting.

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