Event data can be brought into your ThruText campaigns from the MyCampaign or EveryAction/NGP8 side of your VAN committee only. Events are not available in the MyVoter-side of VAN.

Step 1: Choose the Events Option from within the "Import from Van" Section 

Survey Questions

You will be given a list of all the upcoming events you have set up in the MyCampaign-side of your VAN committee. They will be sorted by date and event type.

Van Events

Special Notes about Events: Events must include at least one role, status, and location to allow for sync-back. A location must be documented even if the event is a virtual one. The "Non-event Leader" role and "Scheduled" status will be registered for contacts by default. You can configure the role and status by editing the survey question on each campaign and choosing the status and role manually:

Editing a survey question manually 

Step 2: Launch Campaign and Collect Data 

Finalize your campaign and launch. When your texters send the initial scripted message and collect responses for your events, the responses will be logged in MyCampaign for that contact's MyCampaign VAN ID.

In the admin console:

  • Survey responses with blue text are in the process of synchronizing. 
  • Survey responses with red text failed. 
  • Survey responses with gray text have completed synchronization.

Note: The API will only sync back "Yes" responses to your Event shifts. "Declined" is a status in VAN and not a yes/no situation for events in MyCampaign, so it won't sync anything back, and you will see it as red in your ThruText admin console. If you wanted to get the declines into your VAN committee, you could run a survey export on that campaign and bulk upload to VAN using VAN Campaign ID.

If you have properly set up your ThruText Survey Questions by importing from VAN, the sync will happen automatically as your texters send initial scripted messages and record data. You do not need to press any special "sync to VAN" button at the end of the campaign. Just check your VAN account, and you'll see the data recorded in ThruText show up!