An "Unknown Error" while attempting to upload your group into ThruText is usually caused by a file that is too big.

1) The file is too big — Your group is over 22,500 contacts or the actual file size is too large (in MBs)
If your file is over 22,500 contacts and/or has a ton of unnecessary columns it can cause the upload to time out and fail. This is particularly true if you export a file from something like TargetSmart or VAN.

Solution: Divide your group into lists of 22.5K and under while getting rid of any unnecessary columns of data. Just keep first name, last name, phone number, and whatever custom fields you need for ThruText like a VAN ID. This will help the avoid the error.

2) You are missing one of the three required fields
If it's not the file size, a lot of times when you get the "unknown error" for group creation it is because something is awry with one of the three required fields: First name, Last name, and Phone number.

This is usually caused by one of two things:
  1. One of the three fields isn't mapped correctly or,
  2. One of the required fields is blank in one of the records in your file.


Make sure first name, last name, and phone are all filled out for each of the records in your file (if, for example, you don't have a last name for a record, you can put in a placeholder as long as it doesn't affect your script).

If you check these two things and it's still not working for you, please contact and we will be happy to troubleshoot further for you.