Excluding inactive voters from VAN lists

In VAN, API key permissions are organized into "Integration Types." These are essentially predefined sets of permissions for keys within the same category. Before April 4, 2024, the VAN integration types for ThruText and ThruTalk did not include permissions to view or sync "inactive" voter records.

Starting April 5, 2024, VAN will update our permissions, enabling GetThru API keys to access records of inactive voters. As a result, if your current setup relies on the API key to automatically exclude inactive voters, you will notice these contacts appearing in newly synced external contact lists and groups following this update.

To continue excluding inactive voters as before, you must manually adjust the list filter. Specifically, deselect the 'Voter Status: Inactive' option in your filter settings to mimic the previous key behavior.

Screenshot of VAN interface showing 3 radio buttons beneath "Voter Status": "Active" "Inactive: and "Provisional".

In some states, that section is called "Voter Status and Voter Registration." What counts as "inactive" can be anyone with a status not marked Active or Registered Active, which can also vary a little from state to state. 

These voter status options are also dependent on individual user permissions. If a VAN user cannot access these statutes in VAN, then nothing will change for them as those records will not be included in the saved list shared with GetThru.

Visit our guide for more tips on building a VAN list for GetThru.