For callers using scripts with Instant Follow Up

Admins can add a special question type that allows you, the caller, to send a text message instantly to the contact you're connected with. Instant Follow Up messages are a fast and easy way to help your contact connect with your cause!

Screenshot of two script inputs. The top question asks if the caller can send a text message, with 'yes' selected. The bottom is a phone number input field.

Instant Follow Up question types will always appear after a multiple-choice question. A caller's responsibility is to ask for a textable number from the contact. 

If the contact changes their mind or the caller needs to close the Instant Follow Up box, callers must navigate to the question above and click a different option. If that does not close the Instant Follow Up box and provide a path to continue the script, please reach out to your calling admins for guidance.

Number formatting

Phone numbers must be input correctly for the Instant Follow Up to work. Callers will see an error message if an invalid or misformatted number is entered.

  1. Only numbers entered without additional characters (8455557503) and numbers with dashes (845-555-7503) are valid.
  2. Do not use a country code (the '1' before the '845' area code).
Clicking the "Link" symbol to the right of the contact's number will automatically copy their number. Callers can just paste the number into the Instant Follow Up.