About the Caller Invite Link

The campaign caller invite link allows callers to join a ThruTalk campaign without additional admin intervention. When enabled, the caller invite link generates a campaign-specific link you can share and disable at any point. This is a valuable tool as it allows admins to add existing users to a campaign even after it has been launched, and it takes the caller directly to their assignment.

To join a campaign, a caller must first be added to the GetThru account as a user. If the caller has not yet been added to the account, you can either send them an Invitation or a Permanent Invite Link to add them to the account. If you experience trouble adding a user to your account, please reach out to support@getthru.io.

Enabling the Caller Invite Link

The caller invite link is auto-enabled during the Choose Callers step of campaign creation. Before launching, you can click the checkbox next to "Enable caller invite link" to disable the link. Please note that the link can not be re-enabled after launch.

Callers cannot be added to an active campaign if the caller invite link is not enabled during campaign creation. 

Copying and Sharing Your Link

After launching your campaign, you can find the link on your campaign review page. Click "Copy Link" to copy the link and share it with callers. 

NOTE - The caller invite link differs from the URL in the caller window. Only use the caller invite link to invite new callers to the campaign!

Copy caller invite link

You can disable the link by clicking "Disable." The "Disable" button is available to admins if your caller invite link is shared improperly, for example.

Disable caller invite link

NOTE - Disabling the campaign link is permanent and cannot be undone. You cannot re-enable the campaign invite link.

To get your phone bank up quickly, use the Permanent Invite Link first to add a user to your GetThru Account and then use the Caller Invite Link to add them as a caller on your campaign.