Managing your ThruTalk scripts 

You can build scripts to create the list of survey questions and response options you want callers to share with contacts during live calls. For more information on how to develop scripts, click here

NOTE - Please be aware that if callers attempt to change answers to a script's branching or nonbranching multiple-choice questions, it will remove responses input for any questions after that edit. However, when editing nonbranching script checkboxes and freeform responses, the information input for the following questions will remain intact.

Using the "Scripts" option from the left sidebar, you can access the page to view and manage your scripts. All scripts you create will be available from here to edit or delete.

Scripts Management Page

From the main script page, you have the following options available:

  • View the script name.
  • Check when a script was created.
  • Check when a script was last updated.
  • Check what type of script it is (MyCampaign, MyVoters, Custom List).
  • Select the three dots to Preview, Duplicate, Delete, or Archive a script:
    • Preview: Use this option to access the Script Preview page.
    • Duplicate: Use this option to create a duplicate of your script. The script copy will become available with the title "Copy of (original script name)."
    • Delete: If a script has not yet been added to a campaign, you can use this option to delete it. However, if a script has already been added to a campaign, it can be viewed but cannot be deleted for data validation purposes.
    • Archive: If the script has not been attached to a campaign or if the campaign the script has been attached to has been archived, the script will also be archivable as a way to tidy up the list of scripts. Once a script is archived, it cannot be recovered.

Please review our guide Scripts for Your ThruTalk Account for script creation step-by-step instructions.