Using Permanent Invites

Enable or disable the permanent invitation link of your organization's account from within your Admin dashboard.

Begin by selecting Permanent Invite from the 'Users' drop-down menu:

Account Tools Permanent Invite

Turning the Permanent Invite Link on

To add the Permanent Invite link to your account, click the "Enable Permanent Invite" button:

Enable Permanent Invite

Once the link is enabled, you can find the link in two places:

  • You can access the link from within the "Permanent Invite" page by clicking "Copy Link":

Copy Permanent Invite Link

  • Additionally, you can access the Permanent Invite link from the "Invitations" page under the "Users" drop-down:

The permanent invitation link can only be used to add users. Moderators, admins, and account owners cannot be added using permanent invitations. To upgrade a user's permissions you can do so from within the "Users" page. See: Managing User Permission Levels

To turn off the Permanent Invite link

Click the "Delete" button to turn off the permanent invitation link:

Disable Permanent Invite Link

NOTE - The old Permanent Invite link is broken once the "Delete" button is clicked. If you re-enable your link, it will generate a brand-new one. Any documentation where you might share the link with your senders will need to be updated.

To refresh an old Permanent Invite link, click the "Delete" button and then re-enable your Permanent Invite.